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Sleep help

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Sing Lullabies This fantastic children's lullabies album is the product of two very talented Christian musicians: David Lyle Morris and Jenny Legg. Jenny's stunningly beautiful vocals combine perfectly with David's to produce a soothing and inspiring masterpiece. Perfectly suited to helping little ones drift peacefully off to sleep with lyrics that leave them safe in the Father's love and protection. Ideal also to play in the car on a long journey, or at any time in the house when some peaceful joy (or joyful peace?) would be welcome...!

Song list: We Love You So, Jesus, You're the Morning Star, Lord's Prayer, Your Dreams are Waiting, Sleep Safe in God, While They are Asleep, Made with Love, Jesus Bids Us Shine, Wide, Wide as the Ocean, Jesus Loves Me, Father's Precious Baby, Safe in the Father's Hands, When You Pray, Little Ones, Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam, Jesus Friend of Little Children.

Sing Hymns - a follow-up to Sing Lullaby - great hymns, old and new for children!

Song list: All Things Bright and Beautiful, My God is so Big, Colours of Day, We are Marching in the Light of God, Rise and Shine, From the Rising of the Sun, Who put the Colours in the Rainbow, I'm So Glad, Zaccheus was a Very Little Man, Tell Me the Stories of Jesus, Oh! Wonderful Love, Jesus Loves the Little Children, God Make My Life a Little Light, This Little Light of Mine, Jesus Loves Me, Two Little Eyes, The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock

Sing Scriptures - the latest in the series, great new songs, all based on pure scripture - excellent for children!

Song list: A Good Man Named Paul, Love the Lord Your God, Blessed, Before Men For God so Loved the World, Your Word, Every Good and Perfect Gift, As a Mother Comforts her Child, The Way the Truth and the Life, I Have Learned to be Content, God's Love will Never End, In My Father's House, There's Power In My Prayer, Donít be Afraid, In The Beginning, I will Trust in God's Unfailing Love, Your Thoughts are Deep



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