Hush little baby (Heaven’s song)


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Hush little baby don’t you cry
Father will sing you a lullaby
Through the night into the day
You’ll find Jesus all the way
And if the night feels oh so long
Just listen out for heaven’s song

Hush little baby have no fear
Father’s love is always near
As you grow so big and tall
Jesus is with you through it all
And if at times it’s hard for you
He’ll shine a light to guide you through

Hush little baby grow in faith
God will fill you with his grace
His love makes your face shine bright
Jesus beside you all your life
One day you’ll see him face to face
Glory shining in that place

Lyrics: David Lyle Morris, Sue Burn, Ben Trigg, Cathy Burton
© 2020 Rising Generation Music
Music: Traditional – Public Domain

Lyric Video

Story behind the song

We had decided at the outset to have a mix of brand new original songs (music and lyrics), and then some new lyrics to existing tunes. In terms of classic lullabies, Hush Little Baby is right up there, and it has many variations on a theme in terms of lyrics already.

I’d asked the team to think about some new lyrics, and David took it on first, and developed the story and theme around the journey through life that a baby is embarking on. Ben, with his experience and strength with crafting lyrics, put an alternative version together, and then Sue and Cathy piled in. I stayed out of this one in terms of contributing lyrics and tried to be objective about the optimal blend of lines – something of a risk with friends and spouse in the mix!

I do love the journey theme, and the message that God will stay close to us all our lives, through the presence of Father, Son and Spirit. The metaphor of light guiding us in this song echoes one of the overall themes of the album. Cathy’s line, “Just listen out for heaven’s song” was a great late addition, and helped with the sub-title, to differentiate this version from the numerous ones already written and recorded.

Tomorrow’s instrumental version features a lead instrument we’ve not heard yet…

Ben chose acoustic guitar for the lead on this instrumental, and I think it works really well, blending perfectly with the piano and strings. The arrangement of what is such a well known lullaby is really strong, and it’s the only track on the album that modulates, so that adds some extra interest. Hope you enjoy!

Instrumental Video