Who can you trust?


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Who can you trust? Whose word is true?
Who never breaks their promises?
It’s God whose word is always true
So trust in him for he loves you

Mike Burn
© 2003 Rising Generation Music

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Story behind the song

This is a cover version of a “golden oldie” we first recorded for the Get Into The Word album in 2003. When I was thinking about which songs from the FW/RGM back catalogue might be suitable for an album of lullabies, this one came to mind for a few reasons. It is simple and repetitive, and has the fun element that it can be sung as a round, and so for children old enough to start singing lullabies along with their parent or carer, I hope it may work in that way.

Then, in the context of trying to create some lullabies that help to convey core Christian values and beliefs, it has struck me as we’ve worked on this project that so many traditional lullabies are full of nonsense, which is fine in itself – the nature of children’s music, literature, etc. is that nonsense and a vivid imagination are a vital part! But, also the subject matter and original meanings, especially of some of the nursery rhymes that are sung as lullabies, can sometimes be quite dark.

So, our hope for this song is that it will plant a seed in children’s hearts and minds so that, for all the challenges they will face through life in trying to discern truth and trustworthiness, they will also be able to make a decision, if they so choose, to trust a God who made the claim: “I am the way, the truth and the life”.

This is the first instrumental where there is no featured soloist, so it’s all down to Ben’s own playing and programming. Maintaining the interest for a song that is a round and therefore repetitive is a challenge, but it builds subtly, and the blend of the bells with the other instruments works really well for me.

Like a few of the songs, there is a “music box” feel to the track, which instantly gives it a lullaby feel, and as the track builds, there are other instruments that sweep in and carry it along. Ben clearly loves a glissando, and this project was a perfect excuse to feature several, and this track is no exception!

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