The Lord Bless You



Audio (Instrumental)

The Lord bless you and keep you,
The Lord make his face to shine on you
The Lord be gracious and merciful
Oh, sleep in his peace

Ben Trigg
© 2020

Lyric Video

Story behind the song

When I was discussing the possibility of this project with Ben Trigg around April this year, he’d mentioned that he had a song that might work to contribute as a lullaby. There are many songs on this Bible verse, and of course the UK Blessing came out of lockdown, and went round the world, with over 4 million views. I think Ben’s song is really excellent, and it might not pick up quite as many views on YouTube (!) but will be a great encouragement and help to many.

Ben continues the story in his own words:

‘The Lord Bless You’ comes from the priestly prayer from the Bible in Numbers chapter 6. I still remember as a young boy having this prayer spoken over me by my parents when they were settling me to sleep at night – they must have prayed it regularly for years on end each night. The words have been ingrained in me since then.

So I guess it’s unsurprising that when I had children of my own, these words sprang to mind – sometimes in the middle of the night! – when we were trying to help them settle down. In particular these words took on a melody with our second child, a melody which grew organically out of (again sometimes middle-of-the-night) seemingly endless soothing and rocking.

Without these words, without music to set them to, I doubt so much of my sanity might have been preserved! We still sing it to him even as a two-year-old; only now, he can also request it (‘the Lord!’). He even loves to sing along, as he does with many of the ‘Sing Lullaby’ songs.

The second track featuring Flugelhorn from Tim Boniface. It’s a great choice for a lead instrument on a lullaby, as it is both powerful and gentle at the same time, especially when played so skillfully. It showcases the melody well, which is simple but not predictable, rising and falling in a very, well, lullaby-esque way. Enjoy!

Instrumental Video