I’ve heard it said that he’s not tame (Lucy’s lullaby)


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I’ve heard it said that he’s not tame
Yet when he’s near I feel so safe
He is the Lion, I’ve heard him roar
He is the King, high over all

He lets me ride and hold his mane
Run like the wind to live again
He helps me fight, he helps me heal
He dries my tears, he brings me peace

And as I grow and learn to fly
I always will still be his child
He is the one who keeps me safe
Close when I sleep and when I wake

Mike Burn
© 2020 Rising Generation Music

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Story behind the song

The first couple of lines for this song have been in my head since 2005 when Disney released the film of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It was released in the UK on December 8, and on December 11, the church we were part of, Catford Comunity Church, rented out the main screen in the Odeon in Beckenham for an exclusive viewing. We sold out the venue, and having read the Narnia books like millions of children before me, it was a real thrill to see the stories come alive in a new format.

I had half thought about writing a “Song for Lucy” to use as part of our carol services that year, and had the opening lines: “I’ve heard it said that he’s not tame, yet when he’s near I feel so safe” in my head, but never got further than that. Fast forward to 2020 and our road trip in Texas in March. Once Reepicheep’s Lullaby had been written, it seemed appropriate to have at least one more Narnia themed lullaby, so it seemed a good time to finish the song, 15 years after the idea had formed.

I skim read passages of the book again to try to have integrity with the story and character, and was struck by the seeming tension between the safety of a child, protected by a loving lion, and the harsh reality that she also had to be taught how to fight, ready for battle. But then, also, she was given the cordial to heal those injured. It reminds me of Ecclesiastes – a time for everything…

Sarah Tarry sings this beautifully I think, balancing the vulnerability of a child, with the strength of the Queen of Narnia Lucy became.

The instrumental again features the beautiful playing of Amy Jane Hosken on strings. Her live playing blends really well with the programmed strings, and the music is both dreamlike and powerful.

Instrumental Video